Stevie O’Connor — ‘powerhouse performer’

Stevie O’Connor — ‘powerhouse performer’

The opening evening of the Dixie Fields festival will be the first time that emerging country artist Stevie O’Connor will have played in Essex – and his fans are certain that, once we’ve heard him performing in person, it won’t be the last.  “I’ve seen him turn people into instant country music fans,” comments Kat Deeds, a member of Stevie’s Facebook fan group, Howlers Den.  She remembers the first time  she heard him sing:

“We first came across the incredibly talented UK singer / songwriter Stevie O’Connor when he posted a cover of George Strait’s ‘Troubadour’ on Facebook in January 2018.  His voice immediately stood out to me, and we had a chance to meet him and see him perform live a couple of days later when he headlined at the opening of The Old School BBQ Bus on 27th January. We were blown away by his powerhouse performance and the passion he has for his music, and knew straight away that we had found somebody pretty special.  Yet despite his incredible talent Stevie is the humblest person you could wish to meet.

We’ve seen Stevie on countless occasions since, from small intimate pub gigs to festivals, and theatre shows like the MHMG showcase where we first saw him perform with the full band. Festival goers are in for a treat when they see this energetic performance, and no matter how small or big the venue Stevie has audiences hanging on every word.

Back in October we got talking and we decided Stevie needed his own fan page, so Howlers – The Official Stevie O’Connor Fan Page was born, and the page now has as many followers based in the States as the UK, and you will find Howlers at most of his gigs.  If you haven’t heard Stevie yet head over to the fan page to check out our videos.

We are now eagerly awaiting the release of his debut album ‘Fairway South’…”

Kat and other ‘Howlers’ will be travelling down from the North West to support Stevie’s first Essex appearance. It’s a tribute to his music that he inspires such loyalty and one can see why. Even when heard over the internet Stevie O’Connor is an engaging and energising artist. His rhythms are rocky and his passion for music comes clearly from traditional country roots. “Country music is telling a story that people will hear, and know that place you were telling it from,” he says.  Stevie’s a true horseman (he used to be a jump jockey) so he’s certainly earned the right to dress like someone who’s just come home from riding the range, stoked up to get the hoe-down underway. Who better to transport the Friday night festival goers  away from their normal lives and into the atmosphere of the Dixie Fields weekend?

Morning Howlers, happy Friday 🐺 xx

Posted by Howlers – The Official Stevie O’Connor Fanpage on Friday, November 9, 2018

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