Thanks to a Southend Music Teacher

Thanks to a Southend Music Teacher

Top Essex Country music duo, Holloway Road, was one of Dixie Fields organiser Georgie Thorogood’s first signings – and it’s easy to see why. It’s not just they’re great advocates for UK Country Music (and Essex in particular)  it’s that they’re unpretentious and approachable and those qualities immediately come across in their music. It’s likeable, it’s catchy, it’s the sort of music that welcomes you in.

For those who might be getting their first chance to listen live to top country music performers at the Dixie Fields Festival here are a few basic facts about Holloway Road. They are Jack Cooper and Rob Gulston and they’ve been friends for a long time – as they explain here.

“We both grew up on everything from The Eagles to Led Zeppelin to Punk Rock music and Pop. These were the things that brought us together but we were also teenagers so getting into trouble and our love for football and other things connected us too.”

That music teacher obviously did a good job as both performers play a range of instruments with confidence and pleasure

“We play all the instruments you hear on our records. We play country music not only because we love it but we get to express ourselves in the story telling and the production too.”

Country music writers often comment that Holloway Road don’t look like a conventional band; “They’re more baseball caps and trainers than Stetsons and boots”. But that’s okay – why not? You don’t get a lot of ten gallon hats and rowelled spurs on the streets of Southend.  They’ve been described as “country pop” but they’re also frequent and welcome performers on the Nashville scene. Jack and Rob are often on the move performing throughout Europe as well as the UK and US. In the past few years they’ve played in several major venues and seen all three of their EPs make the iTunes top ten.

Holloway Road is a band that it’s easy to like – especially when they’re performing live. They’re so full of energy, bantering with each other and the audience – as friends do. They get a great response. As one fan wrote on the Bringing Country Closer site: “If you haven’t yet seen these guys live, please, please, PLEASE do try!  They are such fun! You cannot stand still for long, you just can’t help dancing along.”

Rob and Jack are  totally in touch with the Dixie Fields ethos – good music and having fun: “We have never been a band to have a message or have a political agenda when we play live. We want people to be able to come out to a show and just have fun. Forget about all the lows in life for an hour or so and just get lost in having a good time!”

Sounds great to us!

To watch Holloway Road LIVE at Dixie Fields Festival  Saturday July 13th 2019 Book Your Tickets NOW!

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